The Companies page will display a list with all your contacts' companies, along with survey scores computed based on the survey responses provided by all contacts in each company.

A company record consists of the following elements:

Company details

Here you will see the company's logo, name, and primary domain (learn about primary and alias domains). The company logo and name are enriched automatically based on the company domain.

Learn more about adding new companies.

Contacts number

The next section shows you the number of contacts that were added to this company.

You can hover your mouse over the number, and you will see a tooltip with a short preview of the contacts.

If you click the "View on Audience" link, you will be redirected to the Audience page, which will be filtered to display only the contacts from this company.

Company tags

You will see one or more tags that are assigned to a company. Tags allow you to segment your companies for easier data analysis.

Learn about managing company tags.

Survey scores

This section will display one or more survey metrics, with a computed score based on your contacts' survey responses.

IMPORTANT: Only the NPS, CSAT, and CES scores are supported on the Companies page.

For instance, if you've sent only NPS surveys, then you will see only the NPS metric displayed for all companies. However, if you've sent more types of surveys, for example, NPS, CSAT, and CES, then you will see all three metrics displayed for all companies on the list, even if not all of them may have a score in a particular metric.

Each score, per metric, is calculated based on all of the company's contacts, and their last survey response to a survey with that metric.

NOTE: Adding or removing contacts from a company will update the score as well.

Learn about adding or removing contacts from a company.

Actions menu

Each company has an actions menu, which includes the following options:

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