Some time time ago we've been reported that some users were receiving worrying scores, while the customer that allegedly posted the score said he didn't even open the email survey.

Our team investigated this issue and concluded that some customers had antivirus systems that checked each new email they were receiving for phishing urls.

These systems are randomly accessing urls in the email survey and are checking it for harmful content.

Until recently, once a score button was clicked in the email survey, that score was automatically added to the customer's dashboard, even though the customer didn't actually hit the submit response button. This is known as a first intent score, which can actually be changed by the customer before hitting the Submit button.

Accordingly to this logic, once an antivirus system checked a link in the email survey, the score was automatically added to the dashboard.

We've replicated this issue with several antivirus systems and implemented an efficient algorithm to avoid this.

Now, a score is added to a dashboard only after the Open-ended question page fully loads in the browser and another 5 seconds have passed.

We will further monitor our system and will make sure these issues never occur again. If you've got something to report regarding the score you've received, please get in touch with us.

Thank you for your understanding!

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