The Feedback page will store and displayed all the survey responses that you have received in descending chronological order. You can apply additional filters to slice and dice the data, and you can also perform a list of actions to help you with feedback management and close the feedback loop.

Feedback filters and menu bar

In the menu bar on the Feedback page you have the following options (from left to right based on the image displayed below):

  • Selector: Gives you the possibility to select either survey responses visible on the page or all responses.

  • Saved filters: Save any filter (or combination of filters) applied for faster access. Your saved filters will be stored in this menu.

  • Date range filter: Choose a preset date range or select a custom range to view responses received in that period of time.

  • Campaigns filter: By default, the Feedback page displays all survey responses. If needed, you can filter and view survey responses received in one or more survey campaigns.

  • Audience attributes filter: View survey responses provided by specific segments of your audience based on the attributes that they had when they answered the survey. Learn more about historical attributes.

  • Feedback properties filter: Filter survey responses by specific feedback properties or performed actions.

    • Assigned user: View responses assigned to a particular user in your account.

    • Rating category: View responses in a particular category (satisfied, neutral, unsatisfied).

    • Rating score: View responses in a particular rating range.

    • Feedback tag (topic): View responses that have a particular feedback tag applied.

    • Feedback resolution: View responses that were marked (or not) as "Resolved".

    • Feedback starred: View responses that were marked (or not) as starred.

    • Feedback comment: View responses that have (or don't) a text comment to the main open-ended question.

    • Feedback reply: View responses that have received (or did not) a manual email reply or autoresponder.

    • Multiple questions: View responses that have (or do not) multiple questions.

    • Opted in: View responses where contacts have ticked (or did not) the "consent checkbox" in the main open-ended survey question.

    • Feedback notes: View responses that have (or do not) at least one note added.

    • Survey channel: View responses provided to surveys sent over a particular survey channel (email, link, in-app, Intercom).

    • Feedback import: View responses that were (or not) imported manually or in bulk via CSV.

    • Score calculation: View responses marked as ignored that are not calculated in your final score on the Dashboard, or view only those that are calculated.

    • Antivirus suspicion: View responses that are suspected of being submitted automatically by antivirus systems.

  • Sorting: View responses in ascending or descending order based on the response date.

  • Search: View responses based on contacts information (name, email address, company name, job title) or based on keywords from the main open-ended text responses.

  • Pagination: By default, the Feedback page displays 20 survey responses per page. You can use the navigation buttons to view responses on other pages.

  • CSV export: Export all or filtered survey responses to a CSV file.

Feedback widget

The feedback widget includes the following information:

Feedback bulk actions

You can perform a specific action to multiple survey responses in bulk. To get started, select one or more survey responses, and once at least one response is selected, a "Select action" menu will appear in the menu bar. You can choose a needed action and it will be applied to all selected survey responses.

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