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On the Audience page, you can perform specific actions individually per customer, or you can select more of them and perform actions in bulk.

Actions per customer

Each customer row has an Actions menu on the far right edge of the screen.

All you have to do is to click the Actions menu of a particular customer and choose the option that you need.

The individual actions menu includes the following options:

  • View profile: allows you to access the customer's personal profile, which includes their general information, all the feedback that they've provided, and a list of all the surveys that they've received over time. Learn more about customers' profiles.

  • Send email survey: gives you the possibility to send an email survey manually to the customer. When sending the survey you will be asked to choose an email survey campaign, so that our system knows what survey template to send, and where to store the feedback. Learn more about manual surveys.

  • Manage tags: allows you to assign or remove tags from a customer.

  • Add property: allows you to assign a property and give it a specific value.

  • Manage properties: allows you to edit the values stored in the assigned properties of this customer.

  • Add feedback: gives you the possibility to manually record a survey response in the name of this customer. Learn more.

  • Unsubscribe: allows you to manually unsubscribe a customer so that they will no longer be able to receive surveys.

  • Reset last survey: will reset a customer's last survey date so that you can target the customer with the "first survey" rule in regular email or in-app campaigns. Learn more.

  • Delete: will delete the customer from your account, but will keep their feedback and outbox records.

Actions in bulk

If you need to perform the same actions to multiple customers (e.g., to send a mass email survey, or to assign a new property), there are two ways to accomplish this.

1. You can manually select one or more customers on the page. To uncover the checkbox that allows you to select a customer, simply hover over their name (or email address) and their avatar image will uncover the checkbox.

Once you select at least one customer, the avatar images of the rest of your customers on the page will turn into checkboxes as well.

2. You can use the attributes filter to view only a specific segment of your audience. Once your audience is filtered, you can tick the mass select checkbox and all your customers on the page will be selected.

If your filtered results include more customers than the ones that are visible on the page, you will also see a button giving you the option to select all customers that match the applied filter.

Once you select at least one customer, the Actions bulk menu will appear in the top-right corner of your menu bar.

The options are identical to the ones from the individual customer actions menu, the only difference being that they will applied to all selected customers.

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