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You can view all your in-app templates on the Templates page, or by accessing a campaign's editor mode, where you will see all the in-app templates listed in the "Templates" section of the campaign.

Each campaign can have only one template assigned. Assigning a template means that people surveyed in this particular campaign will see and answer the assigned template.

Create an in-app survey template

The first time you create an in-app campaign, a default template will be created automatically, allowing you to assign it to the campaign.

However, if you need to create a new template, then click the "+ Create new template" button from the campaign's "Template" section and you will be redirected to the template's edit mode for further customization.

Clone an in-app survey template

A newly created template includes only the default styles and settings. If you'd rather clone an older template so that you can preserve the template's styling in general and only adjust a few minor things, then you can access the [•••] menu from the template's widget, and choose the "Clone" option.

The cloned survey template will have the same styling and settings as the old template and will have an extra "(copy)" appended to its name.

Customize an in-app survey template

To customize a template, hover your mouse over the template widget and the "Edit template" button will appear. Alternatively, you can access the [•••] menu in the template's widget and choose the "Edit" option.

In the template's editor mode you will see three sections, each one indicating a particular survey question, message, or page.

Main rating question

The Main rating question is the one that is meant to categorize your survey respondents into satisfied, neutral, and unsatisfied and is also the question that will participate in your survey's main score displayed on the Dashboard and on the Reports page.

📌 IMPORTANT: Once a respondent clicks a rating button in the survey, the answer is recorded immediately in your account and you can view it on the Feedback page.

The rating is recorded even if the respondent will not answer the Main open-ended survey question.

Depending on the metric that you've selected when creating the template, you will see a different Main rating question, with a different rating scale:

  • NPS rating question

  • CSAT rating question

  • CES rating question

  • 5-STAR rating question

The Main rating question includes the following elements:

  • A question field

  • The rating buttons

  • Rating scale labels

  • The unsubscribe link (which leads to the Unsubscribe page that you can customize in this template editor; we will cover this topic in the next chapters)

To edit the question and any other text in the template, click on the text field and you will be able to adjust the text and the font styling.

You can also click the rating buttons to customize their shape, choose the colored version of the buttons, or adjust the rating buttons' content styles.

Finally, you can change the whole template's background color by accessing the colors menu.

Main open-ended question

The Main open-ended question has three versions: positive, neutral, negative.

📝 NOTE: The versions will be called different names depending on the template's metric. For example, if you're customizing an NPS template, the versions will be called: Promoters, Passives, Detractors.

A survey respondent will see and answer the version of the question that corresponds to the rating that they gave when answering the Main rating question. For example, if the respondent left a rating of 1, then they will see the "negative" version of the Main open-ended question.

To edit a specific version of the question, click the name of the needed version.

📝 NOTE: If you'd rather display the same question version to all respondents, disregarding their initial rating, then you will have to make sure that you copy and paste the same question in all three versions.

You can also remove the Main open-ended question from the template altogether, which means that your audience will only answer the Main rating question and will be immediately shown the Thank you message afterward.

To remove the Main open-ended question from your template, click the "Manage questions" button from the menu.

In the popup, click the X icon to remove the Main open-ended question and click the "Save" button.

Thank you message

The Thank you message is displayed when the respondent has answered the Main open-ended question and has clicked the "Submit" button.

There are also three versions of the Thank you message that you can display to respondents based on their initial survey rating, similar to how the Main open-ended question's versions work.

Additionally, the Thank you page includes an option that allows you to choose whether you want to display the Thank you message to the survey respondent (selected by default) or you can choose to skip showing the Thank you message and instead redirect the respondent to a webpage of your choice (e.g., a reviews platform where you have your business listed).

Unsubscribe page

While the Main rating and the Main open-ended questions, as well as the Thank you message, are displayed in the in-app survey popup in your web application, the Unsubscribe page is a full webpage where the user is redirected if they click the "Unsubscribe" link in the footer of the Main rating question.

Here, you can edit the content in the Unsubscribe page such as the message and the reasons (currently, you can't add or remove reasons).

Additionally, you can edit the confirmation that the user will see once they've been successfully unsubscribed from your surveys.

Assign a template to an in-app survey campaign

In order to show a specific survey template to your audience, you will need to assign it to a survey campaign.

To do so, go to the Campaigns page and click on an in-app campaign to access the editor mode.

There, in the "Templates" section, you will see a list of compatible templates.

📝 NOTE: In order for a template to be compatible with a campaign, the template must match the campaign's metric and channel. For example, in an "In-app CSAT" campaign, you will only see templates built for the in-app channel and with the CSAT metric as the Main Rating question.

From the list of compatible templates, you can choose and assign only one of them to the campaign. To assign a template you can either hover your mouse over the template widget and click the "Assign to campaign" button, or you can access the [•••] menu and choose the "Assign" option.

Once a template is assigned to the campaign, it will be displayed in the special area designated for the assigned template.

When the campaign is saved, your audience will answer the assigned template. When needed you can reassign a different survey template.

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