In this article, we will cover how companies are added or deleted from the Companies page.

Add companies

There are two ways how new companies are added: automatically and manually.

Automatically added companies

Our system is designed to identify and automatically create a new company when contacts receive email surveys.

When a contact receives an email survey, Retently will pull the domain associated with their email address and will identify basic details about the company such as:

  • Logo

  • Name

  • Location

  • Industry

Next, the company will be added to the Companies list and the contact's survey feedback will be counted towards the company's survey score.

NOTE: If a company already exists on your Companies list, then the contact will be added to the company, and their further survey responses will be counted in the company's score.

Add a new company manually

You can create a new company by clicking the "Add company" button from the menu bar on the Companies page.

A popup will ask you to provide the following company details:

  • Domain (required): This is the primary domain that will be displayed on the Companies page and in the company's profile.

  • Aliases: These are aliases of the primary domain. Any contacts with these aliases will be added to this company. Learn about aliases.

  • Company name

  • Industry

  • Country and city

  • Tags: Create new tags, select existing tags, or remove assigned tags from a company. Learn about managing company tags.

Once the new company is created, contacts will be added automatically to the company after receiving an email survey, or you can add them to the company manually.

Exclude companies

You can choose to exclude a company from the Companies page, or from a company's profile.

Excluding a company will remove it from the companies list, and the company will be unassigned from your contacts.

You can view all excluded companies by changing the view on the Companies page, from "Active Companies" to "Excluded Companies".

If needed, you can manually re-add a company by clicking the "Add company" button on the Companies page, or from the "Excluded Companies" view.

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