Note: Currently, the multiple questions feature is available only in email and survey by link campaigns.

By default, the survey template includes a main NPS rating question and an optional open-ended question. If the customer answers the survey, they will eventually see a thank you message, or, if they opt out of receiving surveys, will be redirected to the Unsubscribe page.

You can also create additional questions between the Main rating and the Main open-ended questions. If you need to add a survey question click the [+] button next to the Main rating tab. 

Once clicked, you will be displayed a pop-up that inquires on the type of additional survey question you would like to create.

Types of additional questions

Currently, there are three types of additional questions:

  • Rating - basically a secondary NPS question with a scale from 0 to 10;  

  • Multiple-options - as the name implies, it lists a number of options the customer can choose from; 

  • Open-ended - a question that invites free form feedback.

You can create up to 20 additional questions. Your survey template structure will look like this:

Main rating -> Additional 1 -> Additional 2 -> [...] -> Additional 20 -> Main open-ended -> Thank you

All the questions in the survey template will inherit the style (logo and colors) from the Main rating question. Therefore, make sure you spend some time to fully customize it.

You can also personalize all the questions in the survey template (except the Main rating) based on the score that the customer leaves to the Main Rating question. When editing each question individually, you can switch the view for Promoters, Passives, or Detractors. This allows you to display different questions and response options for different categories of respondents.

Also, all questions in the survey template support survey variables, which allows you to fully personalize the content of the survey by including the customer's name, or any other property that will help you add more context. You can learn more about survey variables here.

Although there are multiple similarities between the survey questions, there are some distinct features that we will cover below:

Additional rating question

The additional rating question is similar to the Main rating question, but it represents an opportunity to collect more quantitative data about other processes or products in your company. Even though the main styling is inherited from the main rating, you can still adjust the font styling, and choose the colored version of the buttons.

Additional multiple-options question

The multiple-options question allows you to give the surveyed customer up to 10 response options to choose from. You can click the [+] to add new options and you can easily delete them. Keep in mind though that the minimum number of options has to be two, otherwise you will not be able to save the survey template.

Additional open-ended question

This question is almost identical to the Main open-ended question, the main difference being that the respondent will not be able to change their initial survey score while answering it, as they can do on the Main open-ended question page.

How can I access the answers for other questions?

All your survey responses are stored on the Feedback page. The feedback that was given to multiple questions surveys will still display the score given in the main rating question, and the text feedback submitted to the Main open-ended question.

Yet, the feedback item has an expandable view. Click the Show all responses link, and the unfolded section will display all the responses given to the additional questions.

The received feedback can be as well viewed on the Dashboard under Latest Feedback or accessed on the Customer’s profile page. 

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